Always someone to talk to

"...a chance to share how they really feel in a vulnerable, one-to-one setting"
"...a release from the confines of the brutal, less than safe battleground of Twitter and Facebook"
"honest one-on-one conversations"

Friended makes it easy to talk to people

Meet new people

You'll make friends and start chatting instantly

Video chat & games

1:1 video chat, play the guess me game, and take quizzes

Only direct messages

All chats are 1:1 and private; no public comments

Be yourself

People on Friended are real and they can be themselves

Post a Chat Starter

Within seconds, you'll get numerous direct messages from real people... instantly.

There are no public comments on your chat starter, only direct messages.

Direct Messages Only

Flip up to view different people and their message starters.

Once you see someone that you relate to, send them a message directly through their post.

All major browsers are supported including Internet Explorer. Send it to your best friends and your grandma.

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