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"Yes, you’ll still be clinging to your phone when you’re out in public, but at least there’ll be someone sweet on the other side of it."
"The Friended app helps break the ice with interactive activities like video chat, guessing games, and quizzes."
"...honest one-on-one conversations."

Meet and chat without the pressure

Icebreakers make talking easier

Friended's live chats turn into unexpected moments of serendipity.

It starts with a conversation.

Games that make meeting fun

It starts as a game or a quiz, then all of a sudden you're talking with someone you really click with.

On Friended, "playing games" is good.

Get to know each other

Talk online, video chat and play games together whether for five minutes or forever.

Friended won't ever try to define what type of relationship you have.

Be yourself

Friended helps you show off the real you & instantly connect with people like you.

67% of people feel more confident after using Friended.

Step 1: Post an icebreaker

Create an icebreaker that shares the real you.

Within seconds, you'll get tons of direct messages from real people.

Let people come to you... Try Friended.

Step 2: Just say "hi"

Swipe through other people's icebreakers.

Once you see someone that you relate to... reply privately to their icebreaker.

Want to try Friended? Download.

All major browsers are supported including Internet Explorer. Send it to your best friends and your grandma.

Friended stories...

““I think it’ll be a year or so using Friended & I absolutely love it…made a lot more friends on this app than in real life.”

“This app changed my life because I’ve talked with so many wonderful people on here.”

"I met the love of my life on this app."

I was looking to make new friends and what I got was way better.”

“I met my best friend on here.”

“…I would definitely have to say this app is the best app I ever downloaded.”

“I’ve made a lot more friends on this app than in real life.”

“I’ve found people who have been great and really sweet on here...”

“I found my soulmate through this app.”

"Even talking to some people for a brief moment is really inspiring.”

“Better, real people on here”

“This is an uplifting community I feel like in its entirety it is a friend in deed”

“I have ended up meeting someone that I never would’ve met.”

“Me and my girlfriend actually met on the app… met tons of actual friends on the app which now talk to on a daily”

"I met my best friend of over a year on friended we talk everyday and we help each other grow.” 

“How lucky I am to have met my BFF here”

“I met my best friend a few months ago, and we’ve been together for a while. Thank you.”

"I’ve met 3 new good friends on this app and it has gotten me out of my comfort zone. I’ve never saw myself on an app like this to look for new people to talk to and I’ve met so many amazing people that I have stuff in common with.”

“Because of this app I met someone who has the same interests as me and we have now connected on a different level and started YouTube together.” 

"How lucky I am to have met my BFF here”

“This app changed my life. I benefited from this app for the long run. I owe the developers a shot of whiskey or moonshine. I love you guys. You guys changed my life.”

"I met my wife on this app, we are both happy."

“I have made some lifelong relationships through this app. I cannot put into words how grateful I am that this app exists. Again, thank you for this app”

“This app has let me meet so many people and I’m really grateful no other app has allowed me to have so many fun conversations!”

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