Friended - Always someone to talk to
I miss my dad.
- Heather
This is the only place I can talk about anything.
- Daisy
Sometimes I need someone to talk with about life.
- Emma
Your story is still being written. How do you want it to end?
- Joe
Confession: I'll never think I'm good enough.
- Geoff
My secret wish is to choose my path the way I want it.
- Bo
I feel the most free when I'm chilling by the ocean, listening to the waves.
- Sal
When I need an ego boost, I watch Jersey Shore.
- Becca
It's okay to break down... just don't stay there!
- Ross
The last time I made a big decision, I left college to join an 80s cover band.
- Elijah
People are surprised to know I can weld.
- Reba
I'm in a love/hate relationship with myself.
- Charli
No one can beat me at air hockey.
- Truman
Asking "why are you so quiet?" is my number one pet peeve.
- Seh'ven
Remember playing outside until the street lights came on?
- Bea
Have you ever looked at someone and wondered what they ate for lunch??
- Mason
Never underestimate the power of making me laugh.
- Roman
Otters, bulldogs, and babies make my heart explode.
- Kaleisha
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What keeps you from opening yourself up to others?
- London
Sometimes I need someone to just be weird with.
- Arvell
I have the social prowess of a newborn giraffe.
- Paige
Ask me about my life as a merman.
- Art
I'm absolutely certain that the squirrels are plotting to overthrow the government.
- Mathias
I worry that I'll never be good enough in my parents eyes.
- Soren
I could really use more deep conversations in my life.
- Shayala
Sometimes all I want is a strong, long, warm hug.
- Shelby
The grass is greener where you water it.
- Rory
I'm the one who sits alone at a party.
- Sebastian
Do you ever get so depressed you feel emotionless? Same.
- Lance
Am I the only one that doesn't like watermelon?
- Ciara
I triple dog dare you to say what you mean and mean what you say.
- Jenea
Nothing can bring me down when there's a hot tub.
- Jill
There's nothing scarier than pushing on a pull door.
- Doug
Everyone should do karaoke at least once
- Doug
My fear is failure, hurting others, and rodents.
- Emilia
What I want to say is: I'm here if you need someone to talk to.
- Nirav
Is it just me or is it lonely AF out there?
- Anya
I feel happy right now.
- Naomi
Name one thing you'd change if you could it over.
- Phillip
I always had trouble fitting in... yup.
- Dee
This is the only place I can talk about my anxiety and depression.
- Sahr
I was a bully when I was younger.
- Roc